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    Neal H. Moritz, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Joe Roth, Samantha Vincent, Vin Diesel.\n\n\n


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5 Ways to Help Your Foster Children Feel at Home

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If you were a never a foster kid yourself, it can be difficult to fully understand what they go through. The comfort felt from simply being in your own home is something they may have never experienced. As a foster parent, it’s so important to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for your foster children. A new living situation with people you’ve never met before can be a difficult thing to get acclimated to, but with the right environment, it will happen over time. Consider these 5 ways to help your foster children feel comfortable and at home.

  1. Smile and Show Them Around

Welcome them with a warm smile. Though every child is different, it’s likely he or she will be slightly shy to start, so don’t be too intense. Keep a calm, grounded attitude while also expressing how happy you are to have them there. For smaller children, you may take their hand to guide them on the tour, while with older kids you may just place a hand on their shoulder for reassurance.

  1. Have a Snack Ready

He or she is probably hungry but afraid to say anything, so there’s nothing more welcoming than having a snack ready for them when they arrive. Have a plate of chocolate chip cookies or some other treat to show them that they are at home. They may not eat right away, so don’t push it. Whether they eat or not, they’ll still know it’s there for them when they’re ready.

  1. Get to Know Them

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Start off by simply asking what they like to do. What kind of activities do they enjoy? Plan for some fun weekend activities that will help them feel integrated into your family. You might take them to a museum or to the park. Maybe they’ve always wanted to try a sport but have never had the opportunity. They might like art or drawing, so you could get them some supplies.

  1. Be Clear, Not Demanding When it Comes to Rules

Though there are boundaries that need to be set, do so in a gentle way. Be clear about your expectations while not being aggressive or demanding. Treat your foster children with the respect you would like to receive from them in return. Give them no reason – based on your actions or attitude toward them – to make them feel like they need to act out or feel distrust toward you.

  1. Give Them Time and Space

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This transition will probably be a challenge for him or her, so give them plenty of time to get acclimated. Try to understand why they may feel uncomfortable in the situation – put yourself in their shoes. The best thing you can do is keep a positive outlook and create a welcoming home where they can blossom and succeed.


Summertime Safety for Your Kids

Once that school is out for summer, your child will have a lot of free time. Fortunately, summertime is the perfect time of year for your children to be enrolled in extracurricular activities and to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether your child is in your care, in the care of someone else, or is unsupervised, it’s important to be aware of safety in a variety of summertime activities:

Water Safety

Water fun is a quintessential part of summer weather. Whether you fill up the kiddie pool in your backyard, go to the local pool, or partake in some water sports at the lake or ocean, children of all ages should know how to be safe in the water. Young children should always be supervised to prevent a drowning incident and every child should learn how to swim. Although many parents enroll their children in swimming lessons as early as six months old, most swimmers are not proficient until the age of 6 or 7 and even after that, they should be supervised by an adult.

Children of all ages should wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket when riding on any type of watercraft and be taught how to safely enter the water. To reduce the risk of brain, head, or spinal injuries, individuals of all ages should enter the water feet first rather than diving, as it’s often difficult to tell how deep the water is or what obstructions may be beneath the water’s surface. viagra from india is it safe

Helmet Safety Use

Some kids rely on bicycles, scooters, in-line skates, and skateboards to get around during the summer. While these wheeled modes of transportation are a fun and healthy way to get around, they can be dangerous and to avoid a life changing head or brain injury, helmet use should be strictly enforced. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, safety helmets can reduce the risk of severe brain injuries by 88%. It’s important to remember that even the most careful and skilled of children are at risk for falling or getting struck by a vehicle and by wearing a helmet, his or her chances of suffering a serious injury is less likely. all day chemist cialis

Hydration and Sun Protection

As you and your children get busy during the day, it may be easy to forget to stay hydrated or to apply another coat of sunscreen after a morning at the pool, however, drinking enough water and wearing sunscreen is important for your child’s health, particularly on hot days. Although water is your child’s best option for staying hydrated, there are also healthy summer foods, like melon, that can help keep your child hydrated. Encourage your child to drink water throughout the day, not only when he or she is extremely thirsty.

In addition to applying a broad spectrum sunscreen on your child throughout the day, pay attention to the heat index and avoid having your child play outside during the hottest times of the day, instead, take those moments to have some quiet time indoors (such as reading or some earned screen time) where it’s cooler.

playing outdoors

Outdoor Play for Your Kids

Between spending most of their day in school and a significant amount of time in front of a “screen” (such as television, computers, and video games), kids are simply spending too much time indoors. Think back to when you were a kid, while you may have watched your fair share of television, more often than not, you spent a majority of your playtime outdoors with friends. Your child doesn’t have to have free reign of the neighborhood to enjoy the outdoors, but simply sending your child out to the backyard can do wonders.

If your child is missing out on outside time, here are some reasons to get your child outside now:


Spending some time outdoors can make anyone healthier. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 6 children and teens are obese. While childhood obesity may be a result of various factors, such as diet, inactivity is also a culprit. By sending your child outside and encouraging play, he or she may be less likely to have issues with weight.

Children, who play outdoors, are more likely to have a better immune system and have the ability to fight off illnesses during the cold and flu season. Outside play can help children get exposed to dirt and bacteria, which can actually build a stronger immune system. So, let your kids get a little dirty. Remember, it’s good for their health (and dirt is easy to wash away).

Other health benefits include natural exposure to Vitamin D, which can help protect your child from future bone problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Just 10 to 15 minutes in the sun can boost your child’s Vitamin D.


Think of how your imagination thrived when you played outdoors. Outside play can encourage and enhance your child’s imagination. Whether he or she is playing in a tree house, playing pretend with sticks and flowers, or simply gazing at the clouds in the sky, your child’s imagination and creativity is hard at work. There’s something about the creativity of playing outdoors that cannot be duplicated in a videogame or on an iPad. cialis uk reviews

Improving Values

The more time your son or daughter spends outside, the more likely he or she is to respect and value nature and the community around them. Maybe there’s a bird nest in the backyard or a spider web forming on the apple tree. With gentle daily observations, your child is learning important lessons about life and the cycles within nature. By learning to appreciate nature, he or she may be more likely to encourage others to respect nature (i.e. picking up litter or leaving nature alone).

By allowing and encouraging your child to play outside, you are showing them that you value some free time and their well-being. Even 30 minutes a day, can reduce your child’s stress or worry and give them a chance to take a “break” during the day. If you want to your child to appreciate time outside, take the time to enjoy the great outdoors, too.

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teenage mother

Teenage Parents

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, there were 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19 in 2013. Although this rate has declined over the last few years, statistics reveal that the teenage pregnancy and birth rate in the US is still higher than that of other developed countries. This has been linked to various causes such as school progress, ethnic background of the teen, history of teenage pregnancies in the family, financial standards of the neighborhood of the teen, and other socio-economic factors. can you buy viagra online in australia legally

Reprogramming the Mind to think like a Parent

There are several programs available to help teenagers who have become pregnant as teens or are young mothers. These programs are designed to promote a sense of community living for pregnant teenagers by providing assistance in terms of housing, in given case that the teenager is financially unsupported. Alternative means of assistance include counseling and medical care. According to a publication by American Academy of Pediatrics, there are several school based and non-school based programs that can provide psychological support, medical assistance, and a life skills approach to coach teenagers on how to become parents and provide care to an infant. In essence, the purpose of such groups also includes provision of peer support to an adolescent parent so that they can pick up on parenting skills, learn of the consequences of child neglect, and simultaneously develop their own profile through continuing to grow at school. These programs also stress on the importance of a parent caring for their child regardless of the whether an adult is involved in the childcare or not. The purpose is twofold; identifying and catering to the needs of a child as a parent, while also recognizing the fact that the parent also requires care in order to achieve self-actualization.

Identifying a case of neglect

There are reported cases where adolescent parents are unable to care for their child adequately. The neglect can be of various forms; hence identification of neglect involves a comprehensive look at all aspects of a child’s life. For example, children may be neglected physically by being provided insufficient nutrition or shelter. Alternatively, some children may be educated emotionally by being isolated or bullied. Neglect can encompass lack of sufficient health care or education which is the basic right of any human child. Identification of such neglect includes looking for signs such as poor hygiene, poor cognitive development, sudden weight loss, unhygienic skin conditions, irregular behavior, lack of proper medical attention, along with other visible and invisible symptoms. It is crucial that child neglect is reported immediately. It can be a federal offense not to do so.

Does consultancy have to be professional? osu acheter viagra pfizer

Regardless of whether the adolescent parent has access to expert level consultancy and counseling, the ideal solution would be to have similar guidance and care provided by relatives and adults nearby. This could include immediate family, neighbors, friends, or parents of friends. The idea is to have a well-rounded support system available to the teenager where issues can easily be discussed and identified.

Keeping Kids Free From the Flu

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Flu season is here again. Yes, it’s that nasty time that comes with the cold each year and leaves us all weak and sneezing. Every year, too many people skip their flu vaccines—which are cheap, accessible, and mostly effective—and spread the virus around to more and more people. Flu shots are an important method for maintain the public’s health around the world.

But what about your kids? How can you prevent them from getting sick? Do they need flu shots? Are the shots safe for their immature immune systems? What age is old enough? And what are the risks that every parent should know?

Young People and Flu Shots

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone from age 6 months and up—not counting people with certain allergies and other medical condition that render it unsafe—get their flu vaccine each year. Flu shots are recognized as safe and effective, even for children so young. Children’s bodies are strong, energetic, and resistant to infection. Vaccine manufacturers have a lot of experience with the flu, and even though they can’t predict with precision the right flus to vaccinate against every year, they do frequently stop the chain of infection and prevent lots of infection every year.

The Dangers of Influenza on Kids

The flu is not simply a cold. The flu is a serious viral infection, and it kills and seriously harms children. In fact, CDC reports that around 20,000 kids end up in the hospital yearly due to the flu. And children under the age of two get the worst of it the most often.

A flu shot will prevent your children, as well as the playmates of your children, from contracting this all-too-often ignored hazard. Many parents underrate the dangers of the flu and think that getting a vaccine is too much of a hassle. Some parents even think that vaccines are unsafe, despite a complete lack of evidence for their stance.

Kids and Hygiene

Kids like to get messy. They play around in dirt, don’t like to wash their hands, and don’t understand the finer points of microbiology. In short, parents need to look after kids and help make health decisions for them. As a parent, you can set an important example for your kids by making sure the whole family gets vaccinated this fall. tomar 100 mg de sildenafil

But there’s more to keeping influenza at bay than a flu shot. As a parent, you need to make sure your kids learn proper hand-washing techniques. This will have the added bonus of preventing all kinds of other illnesses.

The Flu and the Community

Don’t just do it for your kids. The flu hurts older people, pregnant women, young kids, and people with compromised immune systems. Preventing the flu from passing into your community is an easy and important thing you can do to help make the world a safer place. Remember also that viruses evolve quickly, and more opportunities that the influenza has to evolve, the sooner humanity may need to face a version that medicine can’t handle. Stop the flu. Start with you kids.   se puede comprar viagra sin receta medica en mexico


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Health Risks in Children

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Sadly, children in foster care do not seem to fare much better than in the previous conditions that landed them there in the first place. Children who are kept in foster care develop behavioral, developmental as well as emotional problems. Not just that, children are also known to develop physical and serious health problems if they are kept in foster care for too long. The main reasons behind this is neglect and abuse. If you are associated with the child welfare system, you should understand the level of abuse, and even molestation that these children can face while in foster care. This can severely impact their mental and physical development.


If the children are separated from their parents and are put in foster care, they tend to develop complicated mental health disorders. They also have a greater risk of substance abuse and failure in educational and co-curricular activities. It can even lead to juvenile delinquency, homelessness, crime, and even imprisonment. where to buy generic cialis in canada

Mental Health

If any child is found to be having mental health problems, they should be immediately taken to a mental health expert or psychiatrist. They will be able to provide the right insight and treatment for the child. There are many different ways psychiatrists can attempt to repair the lost self-esteem in the child and improve their behavior.


Non-medical therapies include talk therapy and psychotherapy. There are different methods in which a professional would try to bring back the child to mainstream society and have them thrive, much like any other children who have never been introduced to foster care.

Psychotropic medicines are also effective against the behavioral and psychological problems that children in foster care can suffer. Care needs to be taken to not create a drug dependency.

Sometimes a psychiatrist provides a combination of the two treatment methods to be able to effectively treat the mental and physical troubles that the child may have after their experiences in foster care. achat tadalafil 20mg

What do the reports say?

Many would be shocked to know that there are more than 500,000 children in foster care in the USA. Most of the children have been found to be the victims of drugs and substance abuse. Prolonged neglect and lack of a stable environment coupled with a gap in nurturing, it is no obvious how these children can develop mental health issues. They also have unmet medical needs and are often suffering from various diseases and health disorders.

Assessing the Child’s Condition

If you have adopted a child who had been in foster care, you need to take them to a doctor. There are certain important things that you need to remember before the first doctor’s visit: viagra bez recepty w aptece warszawa

  • If you have the child’s complete medical history, be sure to take that along.
  • If possible, take along the history of your child’s mental health and psychological problems.
  • You should also make the doctor aware if there has been any traumatic experience faced by the child.

You should be careful and patient with a foster child whom you might have adopted. Behavioral and mental health problems should be addressed at an early age before these turn out to be major problems in future. im 19 can i take viagra

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Generic Arava is a high-powered medication against arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis). Generic Arava can be helpful for patients with joint pain, swelling, weakness and inflammation. Generic Arava acts as popular medicine which can not only provide treatment of rheumatoid arthritis but also it protects from joint pain, swelling, weakness and inflammation.

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Do not take double dose. If you miss a dose you should take it as soon as you remember about your missing. If it is the time for the next dose you should continue your regular dosing schedule.

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If you overdose Generic Arava and you don’t feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately.

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Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Generic Arava is produced with efficacious pharmacy formula making Generic Arava wonderful weapon against rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, joint pain, swelling and weakness. Target of Generic Arava is to prevent pain and inflammation. Generic Arava acts blocking immune cells to be produced by body. Arava is also known as Leflunomide, Lefra, Cleft. Generic Arava is a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD). Generic Arava is not properly studied in treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Generic name of Generic Arava is Leflunomide. Brand name of Generic Arava is Arava. viagra in australia

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Generic Levaquin is a high-quality medication which is taken in treatment of infections such as chronic bronchitis, and sinus, urinary tract, pneumonia, kidney, and skin infections. Generic Levaquin acts by eliminating bacteria. It is fluoroquinolone.

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Do not take double dose. If you miss a dose you should take it as soon as you remember about your missing. If it is the time for the next dose you should continue your regular dosing schedule.

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If you overdose Generic Levaquin and you don’t feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately. Symptoms of Generic Levaquin overdosage: poor coordination, tremors, seizures, collapse, breathlessness, lack of movement.

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Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture and heat. Keep in a tightly closed container. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Generic Levaquin is a perfect remedy. Its target is to struggle against infections such as chronic bronchitis, and sinus, urinary tract, pneumonia, kidney, and skin infections. Generic Levaquin acts by eliminating bacteria. It is fluoroquinolone. Generic name of Generic Levaquin is Levofloxacin. Levaquin is also known as Levofloxacin, Levotab, Levotas, Tavanic, Gatigol, Lebact, Terlev, Cravit, Levox, Levores. Brand name of Generic Levaquin is Levaquin. overnight shipping of generic viagra

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