Keeping Kids Free From the Flu

Flu season is here again. Yes, it’s that nasty time that comes with the cold each year and leaves us all weak and sneezing. Every year, too many people skip their flu vaccines—which are cheap, accessible, and mostly effective—and spread the virus around to more and more people. Flu shots are an important method for maintain the public’s health around the world. viagra side effects fatigue

But what about your kids? How can you prevent them from getting sick? Do they need flu shots? Are the shots safe for their immature immune systems? What age is old enough? And what are the risks that every parent should know? vardenafil hcl dosage

Young People and Flu Shots

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone from age 6 months and up—not counting people with certain allergies and other medical condition that render it unsafe—get their flu vaccine each year. Flu shots are recognized as safe and effective, even for children so young. Children’s bodies are strong, energetic, and resistant to infection. Vaccine manufacturers have a lot of experience with the flu, and even though they can’t predict with precision the right flus to vaccinate against every year, they do frequently stop the chain of infection and prevent lots of infection every year.

The Dangers of Influenza on Kids

The flu is not simply a cold. The flu is a serious viral infection, and it kills and seriously harms children. In fact, CDC reports that around 20,000 kids end up in the hospital yearly due to the flu. And children under the age of two get the worst of it the most often.

A flu shot will prevent your children, as well as the playmates of your children, from contracting this all-too-often ignored hazard. Many parents underrate the dangers of the flu and think that getting a vaccine is too much of a hassle. Some parents even think that vaccines are unsafe, despite a complete lack of evidence for their stance.

Kids and Hygiene

Kids like to get messy. They play around in dirt, don’t like to wash their hands, and don’t understand the finer points of microbiology. In short, parents need to look after kids and help make health decisions for them. As a parent, you can set an important example for your kids by making sure the whole family gets vaccinated this fall.

But there’s more to keeping influenza at bay than a flu shot. As a parent, you need to make sure your kids learn proper hand-washing techniques. This will have the added bonus of preventing all kinds of other illnesses. overnight shipping of generic viagra

The Flu and the Community

Don’t just do it for your kids. The flu hurts older people, pregnant women, young kids, and people with compromised immune systems. Preventing the flu from passing into your community is an easy and important thing you can do to help make the world a safer place. Remember also that viruses evolve quickly, and more opportunities that the influenza has to evolve, the sooner humanity may need to face a version that medicine can’t handle. Stop the flu. Start with you kids.  


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Health Risks in Children

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Sadly, children in foster care do not seem to fare much better than in the previous conditions that landed them there in the first place. Children who are kept in foster care develop behavioral, developmental as well as emotional problems. Not just that, children are also known to develop physical and serious health problems if they are kept in foster care for too long. The main reasons behind this is neglect and abuse. If you are associated with the child welfare system, you should understand the level of abuse, and even molestation that these children can face while in foster care. This can severely impact their mental and physical development.


If the children are separated from their parents and are put in foster care, they tend to develop complicated mental health disorders. They also have a greater risk of substance abuse and failure in educational and co-curricular activities. It can even lead to juvenile delinquency, homelessness, crime, and even imprisonment.

Mental Health dosierung viagra

If any child is found to be having mental health problems, they should be immediately taken to a mental health expert or psychiatrist. They will be able to provide the right insight and treatment for the child. There are many different ways psychiatrists can attempt to repair the lost self-esteem in the child and improve their behavior.

Therapies novo-sildenafil price in canada

Non-medical therapies include talk therapy and psychotherapy. There are different methods in which a professional would try to bring back the child to mainstream society and have them thrive, much like any other children who have never been introduced to foster care.

Psychotropic medicines are also effective against the behavioral and psychological problems that children in foster care can suffer. Care needs to be taken to not create a drug dependency.

Sometimes a psychiatrist provides a combination of the two treatment methods to be able to effectively treat the mental and physical troubles that the child may have after their experiences in foster care.

What do the reports say?

Many would be shocked to know that there are more than 500,000 children in foster care in the USA. Most of the children have been found to be the victims of drugs and substance abuse. Prolonged neglect and lack of a stable environment coupled with a gap in nurturing, it is no obvious how these children can develop mental health issues. They also have unmet medical needs and are often suffering from various diseases and health disorders.

Assessing the Child’s Condition herbal viagra for women

If you have adopted a child who had been in foster care, you need to take them to a doctor. There are certain important things that you need to remember before the first doctor’s visit: cialis sin problemas de ereccion

  • If you have the child’s complete medical history, be sure to take that along. cialis pill over the counter
  • If possible, take along the history of your child’s mental health and psychological problems.
  • You should also make the doctor aware if there has been any traumatic experience faced by the child.

You should be careful and patient with a foster child whom you might have adopted. Behavioral and mental health problems should be addressed at an early age before these turn out to be major problems in future.

Foster Children & Academic Success

The Department of Education reports that there are an estimated 400,000 children and youth in foster care at any given time. Despite difficult backgrounds of neglect, abuse, and separation, students who have a positive educational experience are more likely to seek out and succeed in post-secondary education. Having to the opportunity to experience and succeed in college may also lead to a better life overall as adults, including self-sufficiency.

Positive educational experiences can happen as early as Pre-K; the earlier and consistent the chance at education the better the outcome. Children in foster care are unable to make choices about their education and despite any desire they have, success and happiness in education is somewhat dependent on foster parent involvement. The positive experience can also be enhanced by teachers and other faculty who take the time to structure a learning plan around the foster child.
Be Involved in Your Foster Child’s Education

Without a doubt, being a foster parent is full of rewards, but can also be challenging. Not only are you responsible for providing basic day-to-day needs such as shelter, food, & clothing, but you are also responsible for making sure that the child in your care has an opportunity for an education and is able to attend on a regular basis. Foster children, who are forced to move frequently, rarely get the chance to attend school regularly, create solid relationships with their peers, or even stay caught up in course work. As a result many fail to pass a grade level and have a poor attitude towards school, which can last for the rest of their academic career.

Although you can’t predict or control how your foster child will feel about school, you can be involved in his or her education. Here are ways to help your foster child succeed in school:

Consistently communicate with teachers and counselors. Don’t assume that your foster child’s caseworker can or will stay in frequent contact with them.

Discuss academic successes and failures, as well as any emotional or behavioral issues with teachers. Open discussions may help your foster child’s teacher create a specialized plan. where to buy generic cialis in canada

Assist with homework and offer to volunteer or be a “class parent”.
Tips for Teachers

As a teacher, you strive to understand all of your students and create curriculum based on their specific needs and learning styles. When you have a student with a “history” you may struggle with how to lend a helping hand. Some educators don’t want to treat a child differently based on his or her home life, such as living in foster care, but taking the time to learn more about your student can help him or her succeed. All foster children have different backgrounds and their academic experiences vary greatly. Here are some tips for helping a student succeed:

Make your classroom a diverse environment. Consider discussing foster care and how it’s not uncommon.

Reconsider class projects that revolve strictly on biological histories (ie. family trees). Instead, talk about what different types of families exist.

Work with the foster parent and learn as much information as you can about the student’s academic past.

Don’t coddle or single the student out, but be patient. tomar 100 mg de sildenafil

Foster children have the opportunity to succeed in school as long as foster parents and educators are committed to encouraging the child.

Drugs and Families: a Lethal Cocktail

Drugs can rip apart anything they touch. Much drug education and addiction outreach focuses on the harm done to individuals. This is important information, but there are other victims of substance abuse, namely the families of addicts. Drug use can tear a family apart as easily as it can empty an individual’s bank account. Family members are unwilling victims, punished by circumstance. viagra in australia

Damage to Families

Drug abuse damages more than just the user. It damages the whole family. Abusers may misuse money, neglect care, avoid proper socialization and teaching, and physically assault family members. Law enforcement, social work, and activist communities all do what they can to limit these effects, but the first line of defense against drugs harming children is parents themselves. Addiction at so close a space can do deep damage to a child.

The Children

Children are frequently hit the hardest by the side-effects of drug abuse. According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) frequent problems for children include:

  • age-inappropriate roles and relationships with either the addict or the non-addict parent;
  • risk for violence, theft, sexual abuse, and other negative circumstances; using cialis after prostate surgery
  • becoming incompetent parents themselves one day, either by repeating the mistakes of their parents or by becoming overprotective and domineering; otc viagra alternative
  • various personality problems (unreliability, weak social skills, etc); and
  • addiction and other learned problem behaviors.

Foster Care

Fortunately, the United States has a modern foster care system, and thousands of families across the country welcome the children of drug-addicted parents into their homes every year. These families, while not a perfect replacement for a child’s parents, are nonetheless a good source of role modeling, education, mental health care, and general basic life necessities.

Drug abuse does, however, place a strain on the foster care system. Substance misuse is, at least in some states, responsible for the most foster placements. The number of good foster homes is not limitless, and more young people need to be taken from unsafe environments every day. sildenafil effervescent tablets side effects

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement members are often placed in awkward roles in these situations. They are frequently in prime positions to notice risky behavior posed by drug-addicted parents, but they are not typically trained as social workers or family counsellors.

The Department of Justice launched an initiative called the Federal Interagency Task Force on Drug Endangered Children in 2010. This seeks to coordinate efforts between law enforcement and other groups (such as social services and medical professionals) to keep endangered kids out of harm’s way. Law enforcement across the country seems to be making a serious, conscious shift toward roles with an eye toward earning public trust, and this is one great example of cops combating a serious social ill.


Foster Care and Animals

As many people are well aware, becoming a foster parent can have countless benefits and rewards, not only for you, but for the child you are fostering as well. Until a child can be adopted and placed into a permanent home, foster care can give them a feeling of stability and worth they would not otherwise be able to attain. The same is true of animals.

According to statistics from the ASPCA, close to 7.6 million pets arrive at animal shelters each year. While about 650,000 of these are strays able to be returned to their owners, heartbreakingly, close to 2.7 of those are euthanized. Another 2.7 are fortunately adopted into families and homes nationwide, and more still are in urgent need of placement in temporary foster homes. online pharmacy to get viagra

Why Some Animals May Need Foster Care

Some animals may require foster care before becoming eligible for adoption. When kittens or puppies arrive or are born in a shelter, many are too young to be spayed or neutered. Animals have to be of a certain age and weight before they are eligible to be spayed or neutered, and thus put up for adoption. Until they become of age, these animals are in need of loving homes and caregivers.

Animals who are nursing often benefit from living in foster care, as it provides a warm, safe environment in which their babies can be raised. Cats, dogs and other animals who are recovering from injuries or illnesses are more likely to thrive in foster care, as most will be able to get the one-on-one, personalized attention they need to recover. Fostering also prevents overcrowding in shelters.

In certain situations, animals may not be familiar with living in a home environment, particularly if the animal is a stray. Foster care gives that animal a chance to adjust to being in a safe home and living with people. Once the animal has been acclimated, it can then be put up for adoption so that a permanent home can be found. In other cases, an animal may exhibit signs of stress in a sheltered environment that can be alleviated in a home setting.

How to Become a Foster Parent to an Animal

Shelters are always in search of homes for animals in their care. If you do not want to take on the commitment and cost associated with adopting an animal, you may want to consider becoming a pet foster parent. If you think you might be interested in becoming a foster parent, and you are at least 18 years of age or older, here is how you can get involved:

  • Contact your local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or animal shelter. viagra available indian medical stores
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork to become a foster care provider.
  • Attend foster parent training so you know what to do and what is expected of you. viagra bez recepty w aptece warszawa
  • Foster parents are provided with the supplies need to take care of the pet they are fostering, however you may want to take time to prepare your home for the animal’s arrival.

If questions should arise, contact the shelter as they want to make your foster relationship work as much as you do.

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Getting in Touch With Nearby Foster Agencies for Support

Fostering a child is a challenging and rewarding experience. Each child is unique and deserves a safe and loving environment in which to flourish and grow. As reported by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI), 397,122 children are living without permanent families in the U.S. and nearly 32% will spend 3 years in foster care before they are adopted into a permanent home. Foster parents play an important role in society and deserve a great deal of support for their efforts.

Fostering parenting isn’t always easy, as any foster parent knows. Foster parents share their homes, their time, and their attention with their foster children. They are charged with keeping these children safe, clean, well fed, and well cared for, including the child’s emotional needs. Each child has his own unique needs that foster parents must learn quickly to provide.

Finding Support Groups for Foster Parents

Fortunately, there are a number of agencies and groups that support foster parents. The National Foster Parent Association provides online directories of affiliated state and local foster care organizations, along with their contact information, so you can easily contact an agency or organization near you. Foster Care to Success provides a list or organizations at the forefront of foster care, education, and family welfare issues.

AdoptUSKids provides state-specific information about foster care and adoption. Search online with the search term “(state) foster care support.” The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, Child Welfare Information Gateway provides contact information for foster care and adoption programs in every state in the nation.

Therapeutic Foster Care provides training programs and a lengthy list of resources with contact information for foster parents of children with special needs. These resources include the Special Olympics, Exceptional Parent Magazine’s online resource, Foster Parent Community, and the National Family Caregivers Association.

President Obama Supports Foster Parents and Children

When President Obama proclaimed May 2015 as National Foster Care Month, he made clear the vital role that foster parents play in our society, stressing that children are best raised by families – not in institutions. President Obama referred to foster parents as selfless individuals who step up and serve as parents, teachers, mentors, case workers, and faith leaders, and help foster children realize their aspirations despite the odds against them. The President announced that his administration is partnering with state and tribal leaders to improve the foster care system. watermelon contains viagra

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May is National Foster Care Month

Without exception, children in America should be given a fair chance to reach their full potential. National Foster Care Month was established under Ronald Reagan in 1988 with the original purpose of recognizing the selfless individuals who have opened their homes and provided the sorely needed care for foster children across America. Over time, the focus of National Foster Care Month has grown to include encouraging families to adopt children from the foster care system, ensuring the well-being of children in foster care, appreciation of professionals who work with foster care children and programs created for foster care children that are no longer supported by the system due to age. Another important purpose of Foster Care Month is to raise awareness of the statistics pertaining to foster care children in this country. alternativa natural ao viagra

In 2015, president Obama dispelled any false idea that race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status should stand in the way of a qualified caregiver’s ability to open up their home to a foster child. Many foster youth are still in dire need of a loving home that can serve to help them to reach their aspirations.

AFCARS reported that as of 2012, more than 58,000 children in the United States were placed in institutions or non-traditional foster homes such as group homes. In addition, a study conducted by the University of Chicago demonstrated that nearly 25 percent of youth that had aged out of the foster care system had a high school diploma and only 6% went on to complete a 2 or 4 year college degree. In light of these statistics it is easy to understand why President Obama would want to discourage erroneous ideas regarding who is qualified to foster a child in America.

Perhaps the most important aspect of National Foster Care Month is establishing future goals. While many of the statistics surrounding foster care have improved, there is still much work to be done. According to, nearly a quarter of youth in foster care are homeless within a year of leaving care. While we celebrate the progress that National Foster Care Month has helped facilitate, statistics like these should serve as a reminder not to give up on the challenges we have yet to conquer.

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Integrating Foster Children: Even Mundane Activities Can Pose Dangers

As a foster parent, it is incumbent upon you to establish as normal a routine as possible for the children in your charge. Normalcy is important to the assimilation process, and it provides the children with much needed structure. Every aspect of the children’s lives (and yours) must be considered. Everything from how they will get to and from school and whether or not they will alter the dynamic of family activity time needs to be taken into consideration. Such considerations and decisions will help establish the tone and pace of your family. Also, when the children are able to anticipate what comes next in their routine, they may cooperate more freely, and learn to trust more quickly. However, even typically predictable activities can present hazards, so as you discuss plans with your new charges, keep safety at the forefront of the discussion.

School Buses

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) touts school buses as the safest way for children to get to and from school. While that may be true, the statement can lead to a false sense of security. Approximately 12,000 children are injured and 600 are killed every year in bus accidents. If your foster children will be taking the bus to and from school, review with them safety guidelines relative to behavior on both the inside and the outside of the school bus. For example:

  • Stand and walk a minimum of six feet away from the bus. can you buy viagra online in australia legally
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, and wait for the driver’s cue, before approaching and boarding the bus
  • When outside of the bus, do not pick up dropped items until informing the driver. He won’t be able to see a child who is bent or stooped over. osu acheter viagra pfizer
  • Always use handrails when boarding and exiting the bus.
  • Do not walk behind the bus.
  • Do not stand up, even to switch seats, until the bus is at a complete stop.

Many of the tips listed above sound obvious, but remember that they are children, and will not automatically know how to behave on and near the bus. Additionally, since it is possible that the children have never taken a school bus, they may simply be unaware altogether of how to behave safely around buses.

Family Activities

Physical danger is certainly an important consideration when establishing a routine and familiarizing your foster children with it. Not all dangers are physical, though, and special consideration should be made when deciding on family activities. Given that you may not have the complete history of your foster children, and they are being thrust into a new family where they will be required to learn a new set of rules, children placed in your care may be prone to unanticipated outbursts that could impact the family dynamic. Such outbursts can lead to physical altercations, but more likely, the outbursts will cause the children to feel embarrassed and negative toward themselves. Such emotions can be emotionally dangerous, and lead to self-destructive behavior in children, especially those who have already experienced trauma in their lives.

To that end, and to make sure the children feel welcome, avoid competitive activities (board games, video games), at least until the children have acclimated and feel safe. Instead, consider activities that promote bonding and nurturing. Something as simple as an evening walk with the family, or sitting next to each other during movie night can go a long way toward making the children feel welcome and part of the family.

A note about using touch as a way to bond: Use caution when attempting to bond using touch, as some children may not be receptive to it and may have negative past experiences associated with it. So, use relatively noninvasive contact, such as high fives, and always affirm and respect the children’s feelings surrounding the issue of touch.

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Assuming responsibility for foster children requires a significant amount of planning in order to help them avoid dangers of all kinds. Planning is critical. Whether you are helping them stay safe on the bus, or planning inclusive activities to make them feel welcome, foster children rely solely on their foster parents to help them navigate safely through an often traumatic stage in their lives.