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Summertime Safety for Your Kids

Once that school is out for summer, your child will have a lot of free time. Fortunately, summertime is the perfect time of year for your children to be enrolled in extracurricular activities and to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether your child is in your care, in the care of someone else, or is unsupervised, it’s important to be aware of safety in a variety of summertime activities: cialis pill over the counter

Water Safety

Water fun is a quintessential part of summer weather. Whether you fill up the kiddie pool in your backyard, go to the local pool, or partake in some water sports at the lake or ocean, children of all ages should know how to be safe in the water. Young children should always be supervised to prevent a drowning incident and every child should learn how to swim. Although many parents enroll their children in swimming lessons as early as six months old, most swimmers are not proficient until the age of 6 or 7 and even after that, they should be supervised by an adult.

Children of all ages should wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket when riding on any type of watercraft and be taught how to safely enter the water. To reduce the risk of brain, head, or spinal injuries, individuals of all ages should enter the water feet first rather than diving, as it’s often difficult to tell how deep the water is or what obstructions may be beneath the water’s surface.

Helmet Safety Use

Some kids rely on bicycles, scooters, in-line skates, and skateboards to get around during the summer. While these wheeled modes of transportation are a fun and healthy way to get around, they can be dangerous and to avoid a life changing head or brain injury, helmet use should be strictly enforced. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, safety helmets can reduce the risk of severe brain injuries by 88%. It’s important to remember that even the most careful and skilled of children are at risk for falling or getting struck by a vehicle and by wearing a helmet, his or her chances of suffering a serious injury is less likely.

Hydration and Sun Protection

As you and your children get busy during the day, it may be easy to forget to stay hydrated or to apply another coat of sunscreen after a morning at the pool, however, drinking enough water and wearing sunscreen is important for your child’s health, particularly on hot days. Although water is your child’s best option for staying hydrated, there are also healthy summer foods, like melon, that can help keep your child hydrated. Encourage your child to drink water throughout the day, not only when he or she is extremely thirsty.

In addition to applying a broad spectrum sunscreen on your child throughout the day, pay attention to the heat index and avoid having your child play outside during the hottest times of the day, instead, take those moments to have some quiet time indoors (such as reading or some earned screen time) where it’s cooler. cialis sin problemas de ereccion

playing outdoors

Outdoor Play for Your Kids

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Between spending most of their day in school and a significant amount of time in front of a “screen” (such as television, computers, and video games), kids are simply spending too much time indoors. Think back to when you were a kid, while you may have watched your fair share of television, more often than not, you spent a majority of your playtime outdoors with friends. Your child doesn’t have to have free reign of the neighborhood to enjoy the outdoors, but simply sending your child out to the backyard can do wonders. viagra pasol von mp3

If your child is missing out on outside time, here are some reasons to get your child outside now:


Spending some time outdoors can make anyone healthier. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 6 children and teens are obese. While childhood obesity may be a result of various factors, such as diet, inactivity is also a culprit. By sending your child outside and encouraging play, he or she may be less likely to have issues with weight.

Children, who play outdoors, are more likely to have a better immune system and have the ability to fight off illnesses during the cold and flu season. Outside play can help children get exposed to dirt and bacteria, which can actually build a stronger immune system. So, let your kids get a little dirty. Remember, it’s good for their health (and dirt is easy to wash away). dosierung viagra

Other health benefits include natural exposure to Vitamin D, which can help protect your child from future bone problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Just 10 to 15 minutes in the sun can boost your child’s Vitamin D.


Think of how your imagination thrived when you played outdoors. Outside play can encourage and enhance your child’s imagination. Whether he or she is playing in a tree house, playing pretend with sticks and flowers, or simply gazing at the clouds in the sky, your child’s imagination and creativity is hard at work. There’s something about the creativity of playing outdoors that cannot be duplicated in a videogame or on an iPad. achat tadalafil 20mg

Improving Values

The more time your son or daughter spends outside, the more likely he or she is to respect and value nature and the community around them. Maybe there’s a bird nest in the backyard or a spider web forming on the apple tree. With gentle daily observations, your child is learning important lessons about life and the cycles within nature. By learning to appreciate nature, he or she may be more likely to encourage others to respect nature (i.e. picking up litter or leaving nature alone). sildenafil pulmonale hypertonie dosierung

By allowing and encouraging your child to play outside, you are showing them that you value some free time and their well-being. Even 30 minutes a day, can reduce your child’s stress or worry and give them a chance to take a “break” during the day. If you want to your child to appreciate time outside, take the time to enjoy the great outdoors, too.


Pets to Avoid

Pets are great. Everyone loves them. And everyone loves their kids. In most cases, pets are a great idea for kids, and provide an opportunity for them to learn many life lessons.

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Some pets, though, are inappropriate for some children. And some children should not be around vulnerable creatures. Here are 5 of the worst pets you can get if you have difficult, unpredictable children.


Spiders and kids shouldn’t mix. This is for two big reasons. One, spiders could pose dangers to kids. Some spiders are venomous. Children may not have the impulse control and cool heads necessary to keep a spider relaxed. Sudden movements and loud noise might frighten a spider and cause it lash out and hurt someone. Additionally, the sight of a spider might frighten local kids and leave them with psychological damage.   viagra available indian medical stores


The other problem is that the kids could pose dangers to the spiders. Spiders are small, delicate creatures. Children are still learning how to behave in the world, and there is a good chance that they might not understand how to treat such an alien and vulnerable creature as a spider.


Children and snakes are probably not a great mix, either. Like spiders, snakes are very alien creatures—they’re not mammals and do not behave in ways that humans always understand. And like spiders, snakes may get stressed around loud and excitable kids. An stressed snake is an unhappy snake, and its owners will likely be unhappy as well.  

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Snake lovers are fiercely dedicated to their animal of choice. That’s understandable. Snakes are fascinating creatures. But snakes might not be a good choice of pet for kids with behavioral issues. viagra side effects fatigue

Dogs With Histories of Abuse

Dogs who have not been treated well are needy animals. They need loving homes and lots of peace and quiet. Dogs who have been abused need to be the prime focus of their owners. movie viagra drug rep


If you have children who are prone to violent outbursts, please reconsider when talking about getting a rescue dog. Loud noises and aggressive—even playfully aggressive—behavior can trigger past traumas in vulnerable dogs. A frightened dog may hurt itself or your kids, and neither occurrence is beneficial to your family. If you want to get a dog and have children with behavioral problems, consider getting a young, resilient dog. overnight shipping of generic viagra

Other Exotic Pets

Exotic pets should mostly be left alone by everyone aside from trained zoologists. They should especially be kept away from kids. The term “exotic pets” get used differently by many people, but for the purposes of this post simply refers to animals that do not commonly live as pets and will not enjoy life with humans. Examples of exotic pets include chimpanzees, slow lorises, kangaroos, and komodo dragons.
These animals, simply put, do not feel comfortable living with people. Many of them are captured by poachers against their will and go through terrifying (often illegal) ordeals. Living in a house will be bizarre to them, and they will certainly not enjoy being around your children. Your children, likewise, will probably be scared of the panic stricken beasts living in their homes.   

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